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It is often the case that people diagnosed with malignant diseases are left alone with tons of questions and uncertainty. We believe that it is helpful to see how other people cope with similar problems. Many times one can borrow valuable advice as well as gain knowledge on what to expect.

Read uplifting personal reports from people affected by cancer and the ways they’ve found to deal with difficulties in their journey.

Keep in mind that these are mostly positive stories. Commonly, we don’t hear reports from people that are in serious condition – they are often too sick and too busy fighting.

Hopefully these authentic records will be valuable to the community. All personal information is blurred for privacy reasons. If somehow your post ended up in this collection of inspiring stories and you wish the report not to appear in public, please contact us and we will remove it as soon as possible.

Below you can find listed stories on various types of cancer.

Note: we encourage you to contact a medical professional before making swift decisions related to your state of health and treatment. The information published in this portal is designated to be educational and to provide help for those who are in need to learn more about complimentary treatment options for their condition. This is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Adrenal cancer
Bladder cancer
Bone cancer
Brain cancer
Breast cancer
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Colorectal cancer
Endometrial cancer
Esophageal cancer
Gallbladder cancer
Head and neck cancer
Lung cancer
Myelofibrosis cancer
Neuroendocrine cancer
Non-Hogdkin's lymphoma
Ovarian cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Prostate cancer
Renal cancer
Throat and tongue cancer
Unclassified cancer

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