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Country: Lithuania, United Stated, United Kingdom, Canada



Fenben Lab is a Fenbendazole vendor headquartered in Lithuania. The business name is Canchema Ltd.


Fenbendazole is offered in capsule and powder form. Powder is available in quantities ranging from 25g to 100g, as well as in bulk of 250g and 500g. The standard 222mg and 444mg capsules come in bottles containing either 30 or 90 capsules respectively.


Fenben Lab has the most efficient logistics of any supplier on our list. The company is based in Lithuania, which provides for convenient delivery across the EU. Products are also shipped from warehouses in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, allowing for fast delivery almost everywhere in the globe. When obtaining supplies for quality analysis and comparison, this was the product that arrived the fastest of all evaluated providers.


The supplier’s product has the highest quality of the samples tested. The purity level is 99.92 %.


Fenben Lab is a decent Fenbendazole provider with a product of exceptional quality and a well-developed delivery system.

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  1. Emily Cato

    I would like to order 222mg of Fenben 90 day supply


      Dear Cato,
      to do this, please visit the website of this or other vendor to learn how to purchase the product that you’re looking for.

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