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Country: Ukraine



HomeLab Vet is a Fenbendazole supplier based in Ukraine. The company’s name is ONLINE TRADE SOLUTIONS OÜ, the business itself is registered in Estonia.


Fenbendazole is available in a variety of formulations, including capsules, powder, liquid, tablet and paste. Many different veterinarian brands are available, the majority of them are from Ukraine. Brands: Бровадазол (Brovdazol), Фензол (Fenzol), Рафензол (Rafenzol), CANIVERM, Цестал Плюс (Cestal Plus), Дирофен (Dirofen), Клозафен (Klozafen). Although majority of the above-mentioned products include various anthelminthics in addition to fenbendazole, such as praziquantel, rafoxanide, Pyrantel pamoate, and Oxyclozanide. Only the powder version of the product was tested.


The supplier is based in Ukraine. We purchased a bottle before doing the quality assessment and comparative review, had no problems obtaining it.


The product quality provided by the supplier proved to be satisfactory. The purity is 98.68%, which is the lowest of the examined samples, but it is still appropriate to use.


HomeLab Vet is a solid Fenbendazole provider offering a good product.

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