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Panacur C and Safe-guard brands are owned by MERCK, which is one of the world’s biggest corporations.


Panacur C / Safe-guard’s Fenbendazole is designed as a veterinary medicine for various animals, hence it comes in a wide range of forms: powder packets, powder, liquid suspension, paste, pellets, and so on.


MERCK does not offer these items directly to customers. Products are marketed to distributors such as veterinary clinics, pharmacies, and different stores, who subsequently sell to customers. These items can generally be found everywhere in the globe.


Since Panacur C and Safe-guard are official certified veterinary brands, which means they are GMP licensed, the quality is rigorously checked and accounted for. This also implies that the price may be greater for a relatively tiny size of the item and product availability may be challenging at times. Nonetheless, their merchandise quality is time-tested and reliable.

The purity of the product has not been analysed since all their Fenbendazole preparations include fillers, making the product unsuitable for a purity comparison.


Although expensive, Panacur C and Safe-guard are safe Fenbendazole options.

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  1. Robert L Sutton

    It cured my incurable SLL 3rd stage, NO CHEMO OR RADIATION NEEDED!

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