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We have tested Fenbendazole products of the dominating suppliers in the market. The tests were made to determine which supplier offers Fenbendazole of the finest quality. Chemical analysis results conclude that the purest Fenbendazole is Fenben Lab and HappyHealing Store. Products of HomeLab, although not as pure, are nevertheless of satisfactory quality.


Fenbendazole samples of three different suppliers examined:

Brand Product LOT Number
Happy Healing Store 100g Fenbendazole powder 10012
Fenben Lab 100g Fenbendazole powder 20/3-08
Homelab Vet 100g Fenbendazole powder 2312HZ


Fenbendazole composition measured using liquid chromatography. The testing conducted in a USA based laboratory.

Test results:

Fenben Lab

Happy Healing Store

Home Lab

Results are presented in the table ranked from best to worst:

1 Fenben Lab 99 99.92
2 Hapy Healing Store 100 99.65
3 Home Lab 99.9 98.68


All the tested Fenbendazole products are of high quality.

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  1. Judith A. Walker

    On his recent podcast (1/24), Joe Tippens advised viewers to stick with Fenben made by Merck (SafeGuard or Pancur-C), because it was impossible to trust other sources of the product and most were being manufactured in China or Eastern Europe. I had just bought a bottle of Fenben capsules from the FenBen lab, (which I see are made in Lithuania), and I was surprised and disappointed by what Joe said. Pancur-C now costs $17 for 3 packets, each containing 222 mg. so that comes out to $170/month just for the FedBen part of the protocol. Based on your testing, do you believe that the FenBen Labs product is of equal quality to the Merck products and can be safely substituted?

    1. fenbendazole

      Greetings, Judith, thanks you for a question.
      While we hold Joe Tippens’ viewpoint in high regard, the European market is even more heavily regulated than the American market. The food and drug administration in Europe establish a high standard for European companies that distribute and sell their products for human use.

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