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The Happy Healing Store is a Fenbendazole vendor headquartered in North Carolina, United States. The name of the business is Happy Healing Inc.


Fenbendazole is sold as powder, capsules, or tablets. Powder is only available in 50 g size. A variety of tablet and capsule options with binders and additives are also available.


Customers in the United States should have no trouble obtaining their orders because the supplier is headquartered locally. Customers outside of North America may experience difficulties receiving orders. We bought a bottle of powder before conducting the supplier quality analysis and encountered problems with importation.
Furthermore, the employees looked incompetent in giving the necessary documentation to aid in the customs clearance process. The fenbendazole that was supplied was labeled as “dye.” As a result, we feel the seller is unqualified to transport their items outside of the United States.


The supplier’s fenbendazole powder turned out to be of great quality. The purity is 99.65%.

However, only the powder option has high quality.
We also purchased Happy Healing Inc. tablets. They looked to be of poor quality and were uncoated. The inside of the container smells like chemicals and the product clearly does not meet GMP standards.
Additional clarification from this supplier perhaps may reveal what was the problem with some of their products that come in tablets.


We did not mention the owners of other Fenbendazole merchants since they are unable to be found, are not active on social media, and are not in the public spotlight. Caroline Schmitz Williams is the owner of the Happy Healing Store. She is also the administrator of the “Fenbendazole – Cancer Support Group“, moderator of the “Fenbendazole And Other Alternate Choices” and few other Facebook groups.

The owner is free to market her own items and discourage everyone from purchasing other companies because she is in control of these groups. Disappointment extends to deleting comments, banning users, propagating misinformation, and offering what appear to be fraudulent test results. These communities were created to allow people suffering with illnesses to share relative information and personal experiences. Nonetheless, they have become Happy Healing Store goods peddling sites.


Aside from the incompetence and lack of awareness of proper international shipping methods, as well as the questionable business practices, The Happy Healing Store sells top grade fenbendazole powder. The owner seems to be a passionate individual.

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