What Is Fenbendazole and How Can It Affect Cancer Treatment?

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If you have animals, then you’ve definitely heard of Fenbendazole. Fenbendazole is a drug used for parasite and anti-worm treatments in animals. It is a common drug for veterinary use. The primary use of this particular drug is to destroy worms such as hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, parasites, and whipworms.

So, what does this drug have to do with cancer treatment? Plenty of different studies show that this drug can do much more than that. It can:

  • Destroy cancer cells
  • Interrupt the sugar uptake in these particular cells
  • Help with drug resistance caused by cancer
  • Reduce the size of a tumor.

Here, we will focus on one particular study conducted in 2008. We will talk about this drug in detail. What makes it so good, and could it really have these potential benefits studies say they do. Let’s delve deeper into the often-overlooked drug called Fenbendazole.

What is fenbendazole, used for different types of cancer

Why Are Vitamins Important for an Effective Cancer Treatment with Fenbendazole?

Fenbendazole has always been the go-to drug for treating rodent pinworm. It is easy to use, and there aren’t any scary side effects. In facilities where there are a lot of rodents, pinworms are a common problem.

In this study, Fenbendazole was used as a part of a diet because of how safe it is. There are rarely any side effects. But, the drug showed unexpected positive results.

To test the effects of the drug on cancer cells, researchers used xenografts. These are experimental cancer cells implanted in animals for testing. They were tested on mice. According to the statistics, the cancer cells failed to grow. The main reason was the Fenbendazole.

  • Mice received a pre-treatment of Fenbendazole, which proved effective for preventing tumor growth.

When the Fenbendazole was combined with vitamin supplements, it showed potent anti-tumor properties. The vitamins included in this particular study were E, B, D, K, and A. All of these vitamins are known for their antioxidant properties.

The statistics show that Vitamin E has powerful anti-metastatic and anti-tumor effects in animal studies. The main purpose of this vitamin is to suppress the tumor. Based on the same research, consuming plenty of vitamin B and dietary folate can be effective for reducing colorectal cancer in women.

The drug alone doesn’t have the same beneficial properties. In fact, it doesn’t even affect tumor growth. But, when combined with the vitamins, it is a completely different story. As a result, the combination of vitamins with Fenbendazole seems promising. Without these vitamins, the drug wouldn’t be that effective.

However, more research and substantial evidence are necessary to analyze the cell types. Depending on the substances used during testing, the results can differ.

Fenbendazole Against Lymphoma Cancer

Fenbendazole can be effective against different types of cancer cells, including Lymphoma. The main reason being the size of the tumor. Since the drug blocks the glucose in the cancer cells, it deprives them of their main source of fuel – sugar.

In this particular graph, you can see the results of the treatments for reducing tumor volume. There were four different diets. The mice first received lymphoma cell injections and then a specific treatment based on their group. One group received Fenbendazole, other just vitamins, and a third group received a combination of both. All of them were compared with the controlled group. As you can see, the group that received a combination of Fenbendazole and vitamins had far more significant results compared to the rest of the groups. This proves how effective a diet with vitamins and Fenbendazole can be for reducing tumor volume.

Fenbendazole works in a similar way to colchicine (a known destabilizing agent). But, it can’t compete with Taxol or other Vinca alkaloids. It adds anti-cancer properties in its own way. In other words, this drug could be efficient for supporting metabolic therapies, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

What About Using this Drug on Humans?

Even though this drug is typically used in veterinary medicine, humans can still tolerate it. According to the European Medicines Agency, humans can tolerate a specific dose of Fenbendazole. More precisely, for ten consecutive days, a human can handle 500 mg. But, if it’s a single dose, it can be up to 2,000 mg.


Despite the current primary use of Fenbendazole, this drug has a lot more potential. It could be a valuable anti-cancer drug. This study focused on tumor growth and how the drug affects it. Since cancer cells use sugar as their main source of fuel, researchers tested the Fenbendazole drug to see how it will affect the sugar uptake. When combined with vitamins, this drug showed positive results. The size of the tumor significantly reduced more than compared to other controlled groups. Since this drug interferes with glucose metabolism, it can be effective for cancer therapy.

This drug is often ignored because we use it on animals. But, humans too can handle it. It is a safe drug with little side effects. What is important is the strategy used to make the most of its benefits. Repurposing this drug for cancer treatment not only could be beneficial, but it can also be cost-effective.

It could reduce the cost necessary for developing new and expensive drugs.







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  1. Sean

    Hi, Can we take Fenbendazole with water only ?

    1. fenbendazole

      Hello Sean and thank you this question. Fenbendazole does not dissolve in water and should be administered with some fatty foods or oils.

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  3. Kim

    Ivermectin and Niclosamide are also antiparasitic drugs that are safe and that are killing cancer. go to the goverment website to read the published articles here…. Greg Phillips of True the Vote cured his lung cancer with Fenbendozole… ncbi.nlm.nih/gov/articles/PMC5628105

  4. Shirley Lanzone

    Joseph I am happy for you and your extended success with Fenbendazole. Are you aware of any cases where Fenbendazole was successfully used for Multiple Myeloma.

  5. Gail Hall

    Congratulations Joe and thank you for sharing! -GH

  6. Gail Hall

    My friend has diagnosed with elanoma 10 years ago and also lung cancer. He won’t take radiation or chemo or put medication in his body. He does smoke marijuana for the pain. However, he just recently started taking fenbendazole and says he feels better. (I think his vet recommended it to him when he took his dogs in to the vet.) Yet, today he texted it’s hard for him to breath. It maybe too late for him. He suggested I take it.

    I have bone cancer which started with breast cancer and is controlled by radiation (only that effects weight bearing. I also take Ibrance daily which is a cancer pill, and once a month infusion of zoledronic acid (prevents bone fractures), 2 shots of fulvestrant (RH positive shots)I and vitamin B12 shot. However, it wasn’t until I was given cipofloxacin for the cancer tumor wound do I feel normal again. Cipofloxacin gave me my energy back. The tumor was poisoning my body. I’m game to give fenbendoazole a try. My best to you all. Cheers! -GH

  7. Joseph Clark


    1. Arielle

      I just read the link with your case along with the other two cases. Astounding. God bless you, Joe, and here’s to many more years of health for you. Thank you for sharing this – my father is being treated for bladder cancer and it’s good to know about Fenbendazole.

    2. Rick

      Your a rock star – keep shining the light – your giving hope to thousands!

    3. Victor

      Hi Joe, glad the fenben worked for you. How long where you on it before it actually started working?? My dad is in similar situation as you and started taking fenben on February 1st 2022 for 3 days on 4 days off and it is now March 26th. Haven’t done follow up scans yet but will soon.

    4. Jeanette

      Hi Joseph, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, her breast is now very hard. May I ask where did you order or purchase the 1 gram packages from and what is tge brand name, please.

    5. Vickie

      God bless you for this information. Praying for us both for a complete healing in Jesus holy name. I have just found a large growth by my neck.

  8. Alta Daniel

    Joe, please give an update on your cancer.

  9. louise

    Wow Joe that is awesome. Thank you for your comment

  10. Ky

    This information is flooring me! I’d love to know how much you took, how often. Your testimony is truly amazing. Since I was diagnosed (stage 3 larynx), I decided can heal without destroying my body with chemo/radiation. Thank you so much for sharing this, It gives me hope.

  11. Catherine Nelms

    Joe, I was recently diagnosed with HCC with liver primary, staging yet to be done but thought to be in early stage. Should I start treating myself with Fenbendozol and at what MG? Thank you for your thoughts!

  12. Diana

    Amen brother, glad to read your results. I was wondering if Vitamins really make it or break it combined with Fenbendazole. Thank you for your response. And also glad you had such success. I am now trying to kill my Lymphoma. But I believe the dose, 3 days on, 4 days off is really for the life cycle of the worm. 3 days to kill the adults, 4 days to wait for the eggs to hatch then another 3 days to kill the hatched baby worms, etc….so I’m going to take 222mg (1 packet) once a day. According to the weight graph I should take more mg. But we’ll see. Thank again

    1. Sara

      How are you now? My husband had been diagnosed with LGL that now has possibly triggered aggressive Non-Hodgkins from methotrexate.

  13. A. Gwen Baldwin

    Thank you. You have given a lot of us some hope!!

  14. Val Pain

    Sorry Joe…….amount?

  15. Val Pain

    Hi Joe want a amount did you take per day? Thanks Val

  16. Wm

    Joseph Clark can you please contact me at [email protected]. I would very much like to arrange to receive a copy of your clinical records. Thank you.

  17. joe elias


  18. Michelle Hart

    Thank you Joe!

  19. Allan

    Thanks for your post Joe . Hope you continue to do well. Also another medicine for animals IVERMECTIN works very well against COVID. but big pharma doesn’t want you to know it!

  20. Liz lichtnet

    Dear Mr Clark
    My husband Jeffrey has stage 2 of pancreatic cancer he was give his first dose of chemo too strong than the lowered it in the mean I should mention he had whiple surgery before given chemo he ended up with sepsis cellulitis was in and out of rehab and hospitals he had an inferior vena cava inserted to stop clots long story short he is in hospice now😞 was given possibly 6 months
    How does one go about getting this fenbendazole?? I am desperately in need of all the help I can he was healthy no underlying illnesses no drinking or smoking or drugs please respond to my email 🙏 [email protected]
    I beg you to reach out 🙏

  21. Janice Hafen

    Janice H. I was diagnosis with Rt Breast cancer in Feb. 2021. Scan showed tumor size of 5.3cm on 2/3/21. I heard of Fenbendazole a few days afterward and started taking 222mg for dog de wormer. I had surgery to remove the tumor on 3/17/21. The tumor size was 2.3cm with flat edges a good sign. I also was taking Vit A,B,D,E and K without even knowing this would help. I will be taking radiation for 6 weeks but did not need Chemo. I an very happy I miraculously heard about this product. Thank You.

  22. Dawn Denise Babilon

    Hi Joseph. I know this is a very old post and I hope you get this message. Please tell me the fenben protocol you used as treatment. Thank you.

  23. Dominique

    Mr Clark
    What kind of dosing were tou taking? What was your weight and height. Can you share the name of the Dr. overseeing your Fenbendozol treatments?

  24. penny

    Hi I have colon cancer and am thinking of taking this please can you tell me did you get any side effects and is that the best 3 on 4 off x

  25. Jeff Wacker

    Joe how much Fenbendozol are you consuming on you 3 days on 4 days off..

  26. Rudy

    That’s awesome. How many mg did you take in each of them three days?

  27. Linda

    Need to know more !! my father in law has lung cancer and he’s like a guinea pig to them !! Who to talk to to get the meds?

  28. Colleen

    Joe Clark, can you tell me what dosage of Fenbendazole you are using? I have a 23 year old family member battling brain cancer for a second time. Thank you so much!

  29. S Razen

    Can this be taken by someone on daratumumab also known as Darzalax

    1. Fenbendazole.org

      Dear Razen,
      Yes, the fenbendazole protocol can be taken with daratumumab. When used together, they don’t seem to work against each other or cause any specific side effects.

  30. Debbie

    That is incredible Joe. Congratulations and keep fighting! What dosage are you taking and at what frequency? I see the dosage suggestion of the 10 days but what after that? Do you know?
    Thank you in advance

  31. Gary Wright

    Joe. Thank you for your post of 22 May 2020. I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in my right lung in Jun 2019 with a life expectancy of 6 to 12 months. The side effects of Chemo was literally killing me and I declined treatment after the 3rd session. Since then I have been on immunotherapy, Keytruda, every 3 weeks with limited success. I found your post very encouraging and am on my 5th round of 3 on 4 off of fendendazole. My next CT and MRI is in 4 weeks and I am excited for the results. Thank you again for your post, it provided me with hope and motivation.

    1. Bridget

      Gary, how did it go? Prayers all is well! I just started my Fenben yesterday …. would love an update…

    2. James

      Gary. Did it help

  32. Ruth dirse

    thanks Joe wanted to know if you would release your medical records but have not received an answer also would like to know about Stanford research Ruth

  33. Ruth dirse

    thank you Joe for your comment would you be willing to give out your medical record

  34. Nick

    Thats great omg…
    Congratulations for you and will pray for your long healthy life.
    Are you still NED?
    When was your last MRI/PET SCAN?
    Can you please tell me how many days cancer patient should take Fenbendozol?
    I believe god is there for us.

  35. Carolyn

    My husband has lymphoma and bone cancer. How do you use fenbendazole?

    1. Fenbendazole.org

      Dear Carolyn, your husband should take 222mg fenbendazole 1 capsule daily after a fatty meal, bio-available 600mg curcumin 1 pill after breakfast and after lunch, CBD oil 1-2 drops (~25 mg) under tongue before bed. He should skip taking fenbendazole every now and again for a couple of days to give his liver a break. Consider combining fenbendazole treatment with conventional treatment options, other alternatives. We wish you all the best!

  36. Orion

    Thank you for shating this.what protocol did you use?

  37. Joseph clark

    Your saying Fenbendozol without vitamins will have very little affect is a lie without any real study! I had stage 4 kidney cancer that had spread to my IVC, right atrium of my heart, both lungs, pancreas, hip and spine.
    In April of 2019 I was deemed terminally ill with six months to live. Last ditch treatment was immunotherapy. I was given 3 half doses and it was determined that I became highly toxic from the treatment which caused pancolitis. Treatment was terminated. Now first week of August started taking Fenbendozol NO vitamins no CBD. Now second week of October 2019 MRI scans at Stanford shows my largest tumor in my left kidney was GONE! All other tumors shrinking considerably! Now January 2020 Stanford MRI scans show no evidence of disease!! (NED) all cancer gone! I’m still taking Fenbendozol 3 days on four days off consistently. No vitamins at all!!! STANFORD now producing Fenbendozol in there lab for human study ! I’m living proof of Fenbendozol treatment with no vitamins. It doesn’t mean they won’t help but they aren’t needed to kill cancer cells either. All my records are proof positive and can be reviewed.

    1. Chris Andrew

      Wondering if you can elaborate a bit more? What dosage did you take starting in August? Now that you are healed, are continuing to take Fenbendozol? If so, what dosage and frequency?

      I also started taking it as I began my radiation and chemo treatment for rectal cancer. I took a dose of 200 mg/day for 3 days, with 4 days off.

      I am now taking that same dose, but only for 1 week/month.

      1. Dania D

        Joe I too have rectal cancer. Are you still using the drug and what are your results.

      2. Eric

        I stand corrected. Joseph left a comment on 12 Sept 2021. I would like to point out that Joseph is just one patient. I would like to hear from others.

    2. Jaime

      Hi Joe, so glad to hear of such success. Congrats! So do you need to keep taking fenbendazole for the rest of your life? Have you noticed any negative side effects especially regarding liver or kidney function? Eagerly awaiting your reply.


      Hi Joseph, Congrats on your success! Do you know the name of the study that Stanford is doing? How did you take the fenbendazole? Did you take it with some type of fat or water? Did you take it in the morning or at night? Thanks for the info.

    4. Carolyn

      How much and how often did you take fenbendazole?
      Thank you
      Carolyn Ratzlaff

    5. Bobbie

      Joe, that’s amazing. What is your daily dose in your 3 days on and 4 days off regimen??

    6. Hazel Mears

      That is fantastic I’m so pleased for you. I wish I knew about Fenbendazole a couple of years ago when my mum was dying of Bile duct cancer! People are so sceptical about putting a dog dewormer in to their body but quite happy to put a toxic poison in there! Strange.

    7. Mary

      where do you get this? Most doctors won’t prescribe.

      1. Don

        Online…..that is where I bought mine

      2. Susan

        Mary it’s an animal dewormer, you don’t need a prescription , I use Punacur c one envelope a day you can but it at any pet store or online

      3. Belly

        Fenbendazole is a dog dewormer.
        Wal mart used to carry it in their pet dept.
        You can buy online or at a farm supply place

      4. George

        You can get it on Amazon, eBay, Tractor Supply.

    8. Shelly

      Are you taking just the powder form of panacur or safequard for dogs?

    9. Tiffany

      Hi, I’m glad to hear this worked for you. May I ask what dose regime you were using?
      Thank you,

    10. Nik

      Congratulations! What was the dose you took? And did you take 3 days on 4 days off? What did you eat and what did you refrain from eating during that time?

    11. chip

      How are you doing today? And how did you get started with Fen? My dog has lymphoma

    12. vicky

      how much fenben did you take Joseph

    13. vicky

      how much fen ben did you take joseph
      i am going to start it but i am having a hard time finding dosage
      5cc for 50kg is best I have found
      it looks like you took for several months

    14. Deborah

      That is very encouraging, and the first report I’ve heard specifically from someone who had renal carcinoma. Thank you for sharing this info.

    15. Paula Orr

      Are you still doing well?

    16. Rebecca

      Awesome what was your dosage if you dont mined me asking..iam 188 lbs just wondering did you take whole pack or just go by weight??

    17. Dave Long

      Hello Joseph, Congratulations on your cure, that is wonderful news. I am wondering what dose you were taking and is it available over the counter? Where can I buy it without a prescription as a preventative measure?

    18. Angel B

      Wow! First, congratulations! Second, thank you for sharing your story. I think it is interesting that you came across this blog and we’re able to share your story, it will help so many like me. I have friends and family members suffering from different types of cancer and in different stages. I will be passing this information and your experience to them so they can reach their conclusion on it. I will be looking into taking it as a preventive measure. Thank you again for sharing your experience and again, congratulations on your health!

    19. Heidi

      That’s great news Joe! Congratulations!

      I’ve been giving it to my dog who has 4 tumors in the liver and spleen and a stage 4 heart murmur. I also add 3-4 drops of DMSO to the mix with vitamins. He takes it orally in raw food and his swelling has gone down tremendously. I’ll also rub the DMSO on his belly at night before he goes to bed.

    20. Worried Friend

      Hello Joe I have a friend who has cancer and her doctor told her that 97% of the time his patients who did this end up dying. What do you think? When she told me that my first thought was how much money is her doctor getting for here having cancer. I could be wrong but you never know.

      1. Carrie

        Omg. That is so tragic. What a quack! I mean I hate to be going around calling people names and stuff but that is a ridiculous thing for a physician to say!! The research is out there to support this medication being used in humans. I’ve been treating a mast cell tumor on my dog. It was huge and aggressive. 1 months of treatment with fenbendazole Vitamin A vitamin E raw diet tumeric turkey tail mushroom reishi mushroom. I give her a double dose of all the vitamins. Because your tumor was big and aggressive I give her to 222 mg daily of fenbendisole. Fresh meat no commercially prepared dog food. Her tumor was testing by fine me a needle aspiration. One month later they went in and removed it and it was not recognizable as a mast cell tumor. The veterinarian was completely confused. This medicine works. I am completely confident. I believe I will be giving her this medication the rest of her life but at what cost? My friend will live healthy and cancer-free the rest of your natural life. There’s no cost too much for that gift. After all cancer kills, chemotherapy kills, radiation kills. Fenbendisole is a safe medication non-toxic to humans. I think it’s worth a try it was for us I’ve gotten great results better than I could have imagined. I know the people are using it for themselves and for their animals and all the information you need is on the internet. If oncologist wanted to cure cancer they would have done it a long time ago. Actually they probably did they just forgot to tell us about it. I don’t think it will kill your friend. I know it won’t

      2. BD

        Dr is uninformed, or outright lying. Started in August 2022, no longer coming up on rife biofeedback scan, and in Set. After 3 weeks, bone marrow biopsy went from 55% to 20%!

    21. Jeff

      Just Curious Joseph my wife has ESS IV which is endometrial Stromal Sarcoma and I ask the Dr about taken the fenbendazole and they knocked it down instantly. Just curious if there are more stories with facts

      1. Victoria Ramirez

        Yes, they;ll knock it down because they make more money on Chemo, sad to say. My sister died with cancer and all they offered was chemo, chemo, chemo til the chemo killed her. Jeff, If it were me, I would take a chance at this and see what happens, what have you got to lose? Prayers for your wife, nothing is impossible for God!

    22. Alex McDougall

      Hi Joseph I was wondering what dosage were/ are you taking please? Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated

    23. Cherree

      Hi Joe

      I’d just like to know how you are doing? Are you still cancer free?

      I have a friend with Lymphoma cancer, and I’d like to send him something positive…if that is indeed the case.

      Best regards

      1. Carrie

        There are MANY MANY. TRY. IT CAN’T HURT. There’s so much information online about this medication that gets ignored by oncology in general. Please keep looking into it but don’t take a lot of time just go buy the stuff and get it in your wife so she can get better. I’m saying a prayer for her right now. God bless

    24. Warren Church

      Clark, I just started taking Fenbendazole one 222mg tablet once a day for three days and then three days off and then three days on again. I want to kill and intestinal parasites and worms. What amount of Fenbendazole (MG) are you taking for your cancer? Thank you

    25. Christina A Kinne

      Thank You Joe for sharing your success! Yes, I looked up this drug as I had heard another similar story to yours on curing cancer with this medicine! Bravo!

    26. Ali

      What were you taking? Goat or horse dewormer?

    27. Ben

      Hi Joseph,

      This is great news, I’m glad that you are recovering. I think that this article says that with a combination of vitamins that the tumor will shrink more. The Fenbendazole still stops the tumor from growing bigger, but you actual get more reduction with the vitamins combination.

    28. Tom

      Amazing journey Joe, thanks so much for writing it here. You’re a human phoenix!
      All the best and congratulations.

    29. Amanda Burns

      Can I ask what the dosage was that you took initially? And what was the maintenance dosage.

    30. Amy B

      Brilliant! About to try for my dog’s lymphoma. Well wishes to you!

      1. Carrie

        Howdid it go Amy B?

    31. Nancy

      Dear Joe,
      I would love to know how you’re doing. This is so amazing. I’ve been paying attention to Fenbendozol as a cancer treatment. Would you please update us to let us know how you’re doing? I hope everything is great for you. I have a very good friend who has stage four cancer in many areas including breasts and spine.
      Please let me know. I hope you see this!

    32. Suzie

      Joe, how much are you taking?

    33. Cheryl McDuff

      Hi Joe. Just wondering how you are getting on.

      Hopefully you are still showing NED

      Best wishes

      1. AJ

        Is fenben OK to take with tumors on the liver. I had colon cancer and it’s returned to the liver?

        1. fenbendazole

          Hello AJ,
          Fenbendazole is generally well tolerated and reasonably safe. It may be suitable for treating various forms of cancer, regardless of their location. However, if there is a tumor in the liver, it is crucial to monitor your well-being closely. Regularly check blood tests and liver enzyme levels to ensure the treatment does not adversely affect liver function.

    34. Shawn David

      Joe may I get in contact with you?
      Thank you

    35. Amanda K.

      Joseph can you tell me your regimine for taking it? My dog was diagnosed Fri with aggressive cancer and given “a week or so” to live. Today is day 3 of the Fenbendazole. I have read in several places that you give 3 days on/4 days off. Is this what you did? if he only has a week or so will this even be effective?

      1. Carrie


    36. Carrie

      God bless you Joe. I pray for your continued recovery and success and a lovely long life! Thank you for telling your story!

    37. Carol Cusick

      How much Fenben did you take?

    38. David

      Hello Joseph,
      It’s Jan of 2022. Do you have an update since your posting in 2020?

    39. Carrie

      Thank you for telling your story! Very encouraging. How are you now?

    40. Shelly

      That’s awesome. I’m sending the info to my dads doctor. my dad said “Do you think he’s open minded?” I said “Dad, it’s your body, you must take control!”

    41. s u n

      that’s amazing. i have cancer and am thinking of using it. how have you been since posting this in 2020?

    42. Joanna

      Hi Joe
      Which brand of Fenbendazole have you been using?

    43. Patrick

      Thank You Joe! God Bless you for sharing your situation as it will give many Hope! Myself included. I wish I had learned of this six years sooner to save my Mom from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
      Merry Christmas and Thank You once again!

    44. mary Ann

      i am considering starting as I have metastatic cancer stage 4. I have lived out my life expendecy so far. I don’t know how to take it. I got the white liquid. So how many cc’s should I do. How often should I take it. I was told to take one drop the size of a pea. Please give me in simple terms how to dose this thanks

  38. Joyce Ligon

    My husband will be starting chemo therapy
    in 3 days for tumor and some lymph nodes in lung.Can fenbendazole be used while doing chemo?

    1. Fenbendazole.org

      Dear Joyce,

      Thank you for your question. Fenbendazole can be taken when the person is no longer in the hospital. Usually, during the hospital stay, chemotherapy is given continuously for a couple of days.

      During this time and at least two days after the last chemotherapy infusion, a person should abstain from fenbendazole. This is because the chemotherapy effect is still at its peak and you should avoid overstressing your body.

      Afterwards, on the 3rd – 5th day, he can resume taking fenbendazole as usual.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Dip

      Looks like people have been using it …Check Joe Tippens My cancer story rocks and see his viedeo so you can see how he used Fenben…

      My prayers and good luck

    3. Steve Sevek

      Yes. Fenbendazole can be used while taking chemotherapy.

    4. Ben

      This article states that it can help when combined with chemo, it also recommends taking the vitamins listed.

    5. Rita

      Yes! My sister started off with chemo, but after the second treatment, she refused to take it again because of how it was breaking down her body. She started taking the Fenbendazole just before quitting the chemo. She took 1 gram on safeguard brand dewormer (222mg) 3 nights in a row and off 4 night each week. Took her vitamins and also kept taking the antiviral pills that the oncologist prescribed during chemo. In less than a year she was cancer free. She followed the Joe Tippen protocol. Good luck and God bless.

    6. Carrie


    7. Carrie


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