Case Report: Treating Colon Cancer in a 46-Year-Old Female

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Studies indicate that fenbendazole could be more effective when used in conjunction with conventional treatments. This was observed in the case of an 83-year-old woman with metastatic breast cancer report we previously discussed, where radiation therapy on her spinal bone tumors yielded quicker results than anticipated.

Many individuals, including the woman mentioned, turn to traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, often without seeing success, before considering fenbendazole as an alternative. Facing terminal colon cancer and feeling she had “nothing to lose,” she decided to give fenbendazole a try.

Over the course of four months of conventional treatment (January to April), the cancer continued to thrive and even spread to a new location (the kidney). The cancer only started to recede after the shift from chemotherapy to fenbendazole treatment (from May to September).

Stage 4 Colon Cancer: A Woman’s Journey Through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Beyond

A forty six-year-old woman, in good health, received a colon cancer diagnosis in November 2021, with further tests revealing liver involvement, confirmed by a biopsy.

Her outlook was grim; doctors informed her that the one-year survival rate for her Stage 4 colon cancer was around 10%. They explained that a cure was not possible, and she would need ongoing chemotherapy to manage the disease.

Following tumor-removal surgery in January 2022, she began chemotherapy treatments with fluorouracil and capecitabine. These treatments brought on severe side effects, including fatigue, bruising, hair loss, and digestive problems, with mouth sores that significantly hindered her ability to eat.

Defying the Odds: Woman’s Cancer Disappears After Turning to Fenbendazole

Despite the initial chemotherapy, it proved ineffective, needing another surgery and additional chemotherapy. After undergoing two more chemotherapy sessions without further surgery, the tumors reappeared, and a new growth was discovered on her left kidney by April.

She read about fenbendazole and, feeling she had nothing to lose, began taking it on May 5, 2022, at a dose of 444 mg once daily. Within a few weeks, she noticed an improvement in her condition, though she questioned if it might be wishful thinking. Having stopped chemotherapy, fenbendazole became her sole treatment.

By September 9, during a follow-up visit and scan with her oncologist, imaging and laboratory tests showed that her cancer had disappeared. A subsequent scan on October 9 confirmed the cancer remained absent.

She felt excellent and credited fenbendazole for her recovery. While her doctor suggested that the previous treatments might have taken longer to show results, she remained skeptical.

Now on a maintenance dose of 444 mg of fenbendazole daily, she has experienced no side effects from the drug. With hopeful optimism for her health’s future, she’s grateful for her family’s support throughout her journey. Disappointed by chemotherapy’s ineffectiveness and harsh side effects, she intends to continue fenbendazole as a preventive measure against cancer’s return.

We asked the female patient why she chose a daily dose of 444 mg?
She explained she had learned this was the highest amount considered safe and she wanted to fight the cancer as strongly as possible. She also mentioned taking vitamins C and D as part of her treatment.


You can also refer to our fenbendazole dosage guide to determine the appropriate dosage.:/

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  1. D. Knops

    In Nov. 2021 werd bij mij dikke darm kanker ontdekt met uitzaaiingen naar de lever. Eerst werd de tumor in de dikke darm weggehaald en in febr. 2022 de operatie aan de lever. In nov. 2022 weer een operatie aan de lever vanwege nieuwe uitzaaiingen.
    Helaas waren de uitzaaiingen in maart 2023 weer terug en werd i.p.v. een operatie nu gestart met een zware chemokuur van 8 stuks. In september bleek dat deze goed was aangeslagen en werd ik alsnog in okt 2023 een keer geopereerd om de resterende uitzaaiingen weg te halen. We hoopten dat ze nu weg zouden blijven. Het was dan ook een grote tegenslag toen ik in februari 2024 vaginaal bloedverlies kreeg en op de scan het volgende uitkwam; een grote tumor op mijn eierstok, een kleinere op het buikvlies en een paar kleine plekjes op mijn longen. Ben nu in april weer aan mijn 2e van de voorlopig 4 chemokuren bezig, met de opzet om het zo lang en zo goed mogelijk vol te houden.
    Nu lees ik van dit middel en heb het meteen in huis gehaald. Kunnen jullie me advies geven, hoe ik dit het beste kan gebruiken? Met of zonder pauze? En kan ik dit gewoon tijdens de chemo gebruiken?
    Alvast heel hartelijk bedankt!!

    1. fenbendazole

      Respected D.Knops, we appreciate your contribution by leaving a comment.
      In the FENBENDAZOLE DOSAGE GUIDE section, a great deal of information regarding the use of fenbendazole and other supplements is provided. It is worth noting that fenbendazole treatment should be discontinued during cycles of chemotherapy. 2 days before and 2 days after chemotherapy. You should proceed only after this period has passing. This is because chemotherapy is most effective against rapidly proliferating cells (cancer cells, hair, nails, epidermis, etc.). Cancer proliferation is slowed by fenben use; consequently, chemotherapy may be less efficacious. Therefore, you should maximize the benefits of each therapy you employ.

      Best regards

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