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This site is devoted to providing links and news updates regarding Fenbendazole (FZ) and its potential for use in cancer treatment. We do not sell anything. We are not giving medical advice. We just want to provide an information clearinghouse for anyone wanting more information about FZ. If you find any helpful information or stories online that are not yet included here, please email us the link and we will add it here. Also, join our email list below for updates to this site, file downloads, etc.

July 2019

A Cure for Cancer… Hidden in Plain Sight – Dr. David Williams (PDF newsletter)

This issue of Dr. Williams’ health newsletter is all about Fenbendazole, and is absolutely “must” reading for anyone interested in this subject. Highly recommended!

(Dr. Williams has given his permission to freely share this newsletter.)

June 2019

Great article by Bill Sardi at LewRockwell.com:

May 2019

Joe Tippens’ amazing Cancer story

Here’s a great hour-long interview with Joe Tippens on the Wellness-Speaks Podcast (May, 2019)

KOCO News Report Interview with Joe Tippens (Video)

Story On  Joe Tippens in DailyMail.com

Can a drug for dogs treat Cancer? Followup on the Joe Tippens KOCO interview (The Oklahoman)

Veterinary drug may be repurposed for human cancers: study


…and here is the actual Lab Report on the effects of Fenbendazole that is referenced in the two articles above:


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