Case Report: Canine Oral Malignant Melanoma, Male, Age 12

This case report details a 12-year-old dog diagnosed with metastatic oral melanoma, treated with Fenbendazole after surgery. Despite a poor prognosis, the dog responded well to daily Fenbendazole, CBD drops, and turmeric capsules. Within months, the cancer showed no signs of return. This case highlights Fenbendazole's potential in treating canine cancer, offering hope to pet owners facing similar challenges.


Case Report: Rectal Carcinoma Stage 3, Male, Aged 72

Discover the latest insights on managing stage 3 rectal cancer with innovative treatments like the Fenbendazole protocol. Explore a detailed case study of a 72-year-old male who found significant improvement through this alternative approach, alongside traditional therapies. Learn more about how combining modern medicine with researched protocols offers new hope for those battling this challenging condition.


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