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Fenbendazole is the centrepiece of the popular anti-cancer protocol. 

It doesn’t really matter what product you choose; the main point is to acquire the whole 222 mg of fenbendazole every time you take it. You may purchase powder, pills, or larger sachets in 222 mg doses. It doesn’t matter if it’s in powder, capsules, granules, liquid solution, or paste form, as long as you receive at least 222 mg each time.

The most common places to buy fenbendazole are listed below.

Panacur / Safeguard.

Most popular dog dewormer veterinary brand. Both brands are made by Merck. Panacur is most often used in the farm setting, while the Safeguard version is designed for house pets.
Panacur site.  Safe-guard site.

Fenben lab

Just fenbendazole powder or capsules with no fillers. The brand offers free shipping worldwide.
Fenben Lab site.

HomeLab Vet

The brand has many fenbendazole options, powder, capsules, tablets, liquid solution. HomeLab Vet is located in Ukraine.
HomeLab Vet site.


One of the biggest chemical product manufacturers in the world. The company offers analytical standard quality, fit for research.
Sigma-aldrich site.

The majority of fenbendazole-containing goods may be obtained at your local store, such as Walmart. You can also check in Veterinary pharmacy stores. Last but not least, Amazon also provides a wide range of options.