Fenbendazole is the centrepiece of the popular anti-cancer protocol. The molecule is the veterinarian version of widely available benzimidazoles such as mebendazole. To ensure the optimal liver functioning, it is recommended to take Fenbendazole 222 mg for 3 days, then to take 4 days off every week. Afterwards you repeat the schedule. Some individuals take it every day for the first two weeks as a ‘‘loading dose“, then drop down to taking it three times a week. It is believed that doses up to 300 mg daily can be well tolerated.

It is not really important what product you use, the most important principle is to get the total 222 mg of fenbendazole per dose. You can buy powder, capsules or bigger sachets and divide them into 222 mg doses. It doesn‘t really matter in which form it is, powder, capsules, granules, liquid suspension or paste, as long as you‘re getting 222 mg per dose.

Panacur / Safeguard.

Most popular dog dewormer veterinary brand. Both brands are made by Merck. Panacur is most often used in the farm setting, while the Safeguard version is designed for house pets.
Panacur site.  Safe-guard site.

Fenben lab

Just fenbendazole powder or capsules with no fillers. The brand offers free shipping worldwide.
Fenben Lab site.

The Happy Healing Store

Brand has many fenbendazole options, powder, capsules, tablets. Owner of the Happy Healing Store is active on fenbendazole Facebook groups.
Happy Healing site.

HomeLab Vet

The brand has many fenbendazole options, powder, capsules, tablets, liquid solution. HomeLab Vet is located in Ukraine.
HomeLab Vet site.


One of the biggest chemical product manufacturers in the world. The company offers analytical standard quality, fit for research.
Sigma-aldrich site.

Most of the fenbendazole containing products can be found in your local shop such as Walmart, you can try looking at Veterinary pharmaceutical shops. Last but not least, Amazon or Ebay also offers a variety of choices.