Fenbendazole for humans, an anti-worm drug that is also anti-cancer

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Utilised as a remedy for parasitic worm infections in dogs, fenbendazole is an anthelmintic drug that has been in circulation since the early 1970s. (Source

However, in more recent years there have been numerous published and peer reviewed papers with case reports proving that fenbendazole is also very effective in the treatment of some aggressive cancers in humans. This is believed to be because of the following various strong points that distinguish fenbendazole from other cancer fighting treatments:

  • There are a significant number of scientific publications that support and substantiate its effective use in treating some aggressive cancers in humans. (Source)
  • It has been reported that Fenbendazole alone is an effective treatment for causing the regression of tumors in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, metastatic cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and bladder cancer. Fenbendazole has shown promise as a potential treatment for many forms of cancer. (Source1),(Source2)
  • Fenbendazole has very few side effects and is very safe for humans to use.
  • It is available over-the-counter in many countries.
  • It is extremely inexpensive to produce.

Moreover, in our article How fenbendazole works? we reported that the fenbendazole anticancer action is very similar to the plant alkaloids group of chemotherapies to which the anticancer therapy Taxol belongs. Furthermore, due to the unique way it works and its exceptional safety profile, fenbendazole’s toxicity levels are far lower than those seen in conventional chemotherapies.

Through many observations and findings, it has become apparent (with the emergence of certain patterns) that the origin of some cancers may be related to and triggered by viruses, parasites, and the like.

In fact, it’s possible that this is the case in many more instances than we are aware of, especially if the cancer cells find themselves in “fertile ground”, represented by compromised immunity combined with specific genetic predilections.

Therefore, we seriously consider the use of anti-parasitic, anti-worm, anti-lactate and other drugs as part of a comprehensive cancer treatment approach that can also include the use of conventional cancer therapies.

can a human take fenbendazole

Fenbendazole for humans

Fenbendazole is not a drug that is habitually used in the treatment of humans, like mebendazole. Typically used in cases of animals (including mammals, birds, and fish) with parasites, fenbendazole is known to kill numerous parasitic worms such as whip worm, hookworm, some tape worms, and roundworm.

Found under brand names such as Panacur or Safe-Guard, fenbendazole was first brought to our attention in relation to the treatment of cancer years ago through our own research. However, more recently it has captured our attention again through the renowned story of a man who successfully treated his small cell lung cancer with the anti-worm drug.

Since then, a dedicated website and a Facebook group serve as a platform to chronicle his own experience, as well as the experience of other patients who are experiencing the benefits of using Fenbendazole in treating cancers such as non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, stage four pancreatic cancer and other types.

These recent reports only go further to help support the existing and mounting scientific evidence that demonstrates the cancer fighting potential linked to numerous drugs in the benzimidazole class of compounds. Due to this, we are of the opinion and belief that, like mebendazole, fenbendazole for humans is displaying a significant cancer fighting potential.

fenbendazole for humans

In fact, there are some studies where fenbendazole has proved to be more efficacious than mebendazole. E.g., in one such study fenbendazole was demonstrated to be much more successful than mebendazole and other drugs in fighting Cryptococcus neoformans – an opportunistic fungus which can be found anywhere in the world and may cause Cryptococcus meningitis in some people. (Source)

Furthermore, of the many scientific articles that have been published and suggested that Fenbendazole demonstrates cancer fighting properties, this paper, Fenbendazole acts as a moderate microtubule destabilizing agent and causes cancer cell death by modulating multiple cellular pathways, determined that:

  • “The results, in conjunction with our earlier data, suggest that Fenbendazole is a new microtubule interfering agent that displays anti-neoplastic activity and may be evaluated as a potential therapeutic agent because of its effect on multiple cellular pathways leading to the effective elimination of cancer cells.”

The authors of this paper concluded that fenbendazole’s cancer fighting mechanisms not only disrupted the proteasomal interference and microtubule function of cancer cells, but also showed an ability to block glucose uptake, inherently starving the cancer cells. Fenbendazole reduced the expression of glucose transporter isoform 4 (GLUT4). Stimulation of glucose uptake in cells through insulin moves GLUT4 through the intracellular vesicles to the plasma membrane, ready to absorb glucose. By disrupting its linear movement through the microtubule with fenbendazole, GLUT4 movements are inhibited, which greatly reduces insulin-stimulated sugar uptake. (Source)

Moreover, as fenbendazole works similarly to colchicine (interacting with a site on tubulin) yet is distinctly different from other vinca alkaloids, it will not compete with them or other chemotherapies. Instead, as is the case with other benzimidazole compounds, fenbendazole will enhance the anti-cancer effects of other cancer therapies, such as surgery, radiotherapy, sodium dichloroacetate (DCA), berberine etc. (Source)

Adding to this, a recently published scientific paper proposes that fenbendazole (and similar drugs) can potentially reactivate genome p53. Functioning as a tumor suppressor, p53 is known as the Guardian of the Genome. However, its suppression ability can be inhibited in some cancers. (Source)

Furthermore, the Nature paper goes on to cite that fenbendazole was very effective when combined with DCA.

human consumption of fenbendazole

Fenbendazole for humans – is it good fit for human consumption?

Although fenbendazole is ordinarily and originally used for the treatment of parasitic worms in animals, a report available at the European Medicine Agency states, “Fenbendazole seems to be well tolerated in humans after oral exposure (single oral dose up to 2,000 mg/per person: 500 mg/per person for 10 consecutive days)”. (Source)

However, long exposure has not yet been scientifically documented. This most likely is due to the nature of the drug – the parasitic infections are usually eradicated in no longer than 1-2 weeks.

Despite that, many people have taken fenbendazole daily for years as a prophylaxis to prevent cancer recurrence or as an active treatment against their tumors. The treatment appears to be safe and it rarely, if ever, causes any side-effects.

Final Note

Thank you for visiting us and taking the time to read this article. If you are in search of more valuable insights and information regarding fenbendazole, please check out the rest of the information we have to offer across our site.

If you’re exploring for more options that are compatible with the Fenbendazole protocol, you might want to check out DCA, a metabolic anti-cancer treatment strategy that can be used standalone or in combination with fenbendazole: https://www.dcaguide.org/.

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  1. Jan

    Is Fenbendazole the same as Phenbendazol? I’m ordering from Fen Lab from Amazon. I want to take it for parasites. How long should I take it for this purpose…at 222mg per day?

    1. fenbendazole

      Hello, Jan, thank you for a question.
      Yes, it is the same compound, only spelling differs in some dialects or counties. For parasite prevention you can count the dosage at our dosage guide. At the section “Fenbendazole For” press “Parasites” and write your weight. Calculator will show how you should use it.

  2. Luise

    What is the dosage of pure Fenbendezole? I have 222mg capsules. How many do I need to take per day to help.with small cell lung cancer?

    1. fenbendazole

      Hello, Luise and thank you for this question!
      You should start with a dosage that you can calculate according to your weight: https://www.fenbendazole.org/fenbendazole-information/fenbendazole-dosage-guide/
      You should begin with a dose that can be calculated based on your weight.
      If you believe you are taking too much or too little, we recommend that you monitor your liver enzyme levels (which may be done with a blood test) and only increase the amount if you are in relatively good health. Remember to be cautious and responsible, even if the medication is not very hazardous on your body.

  3. Bruce Meador

    Is there a difference of absorption between safeguard liquid and Fen Ben capsules I have prostate cancer and haven’t seen the results I had hoped for with the capsules so I am trying the liquid. Have been on a no processed sugar and low processed carb diet for two years. Am currently taking 444mg /day is that sufficient?

    1. fenbendazole

      Dear Bruce,
      what form you take Fenbendazole is your choice, it does not affect absorption. Fenbendazole is absorbed equally in both liquid and powder form.
      We suggest checking the chosen dose with our dose calculator. She will calculate the right dose and schedule for you based on your body weight.
      You can find a link to the calculator here:

  4. Francesca


    My grandmother has advanced tongue cancer and is 88 years old – I have read a lot about fenbendazole and it’s effect on cancer and am convinced that it is the key to helping her but my family are sceptical and would like to be able to speak to a doctor or scholar who can speak on the benefits of this drug. – is there anybody that you can put me in touch with?


    1. fenbendazole

      Dear Francesca,
      It is indeed unfortunate that many doctors are skeptical about using off-label drugs for cancer treatment. This skepticism often stems from a lack of extensive clinical trials or proven research supporting the efficacy and safety of such treatments in oncology settings. However, some patients and practitioners explore these options when conventional treatments are not suitable or have been exhausted. It is always important to have open and informed discussions with healthcare providers about all available treatment options, including the potential risks and benefits of off-label drug use.
      We recommend consulting a doctor of alternative medicine in your country who may be more open to these approaches.
      Meanwhile, our page serves as a comprehensive resource on Fenbendazole. Here, you will find treatment case stories, dosage calculator, lists of reliable suppliers, and extensive information about this drug. We’re here to support you with valuable insights and guidance on your journey.

  5. Linda

    My sister in law has Cervical cancer (diagnosed 12/2017). She went into remission for 3 years and in 2021, it came back metastasized into her lungs. She has had radiation, Chemo treatments and took Keytruda and Paclataxil (that helped but the cancer became immune to it) for about 6 months. They wanted to try Tivdak but the potential side effects scared them from trying it. Just a few months ago, fluid began building around her lungs, which is being drained off, and the fluid buildup has gotten less lately. Her GycOn has basically said this it, she is in the final stages. Can the fenbendazole help her?

    1. fenbendazole

      Dear Linda,
      Based on scientific evidence and preliminary studies, fenbendazole has gained attention for its potential anticancer properties. It can be suitable for almost all types of cancer. The body’s response to treatment depends on many factors, including the type and stage of the cancer, the genetic makeup of the cancer, your sister’s overall health and immune system, lifestyle factors, the presence of metastases, physiological factors, and more.
      There is evidence that fenbendazole can have a positive effect in treating cervical cancer or lung metastases. If your sister decides to use fenbendazole, you can use our dose calculator to determine the right dose based on her body weight.
      You can find the dose calculator here:

  6. Andrea

    My husband just started taking Fenbendazole, and I as well for prevention. We have had high anxiety. Is this normal? He has renal cell carcinoma that spread to his lungs, they’ve given him two years with treatment. He was desperate so I found this online to see if it will help. He also has kidney disease because they took the other one out with the tumor, so I only give him half of the packet. I take half as well because of the anxiety. Is this a side effect? We both can’t sleep because of this. Help.

    1. fenbendazole

      Dear Andrea,
      Fenbendazole is generally considered safe and well tolerated. If you and your husband only take half the dose and for a short period, the risk of side effects is minimal. However, information on the side effects of fenbendazole in humans is limited because it is primarily used in veterinary medicine, and extensive human clinical trials have not been conducted.
      There are no well-documented reports or scientific evidence specifically linking fenbendazole to anxiety in humans. Fenbendazole is not known to affect the nervous system in a way that would cause anxiety, so your condition is probably not related to it.
      If anxiety persists for a long time, consider seeking help from a mental health professional.

  7. Cathy

    I have Metastic Squamous Cell Carcinoma started in 2020. I’ve had 3 surgeries to take out the lymp nodes.
    Dr.s want me to do chemo and radiation for 6 weeks, but I heard about your research and I’d like to do it.
    Will it work on this neck cancer?

    1. fenbendazole

      Dear Cathy,
      Fenbendazole has been explored for its potential beneficial effects in treating various types of cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma. However, its effectiveness can vary significantly from one individual to another, and it’s challenging to predict how any particular person will respond to the treatment.
      The response to treatment is influenced by several factors, including the type of cancer, its stage, the patient’s overall health, and how the cancer reacts to the treatment. Fenbendazole is sometimes used alongside conventional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which may also impact the effectiveness and timing of the results.

  8. Joe

    It is safe to take fenben along with immunotherapy for stage 4 liver cancer_
    Thank you for your response and God bless

    1. Franky

      Hi Joe
      My wife has diagnosed with HCC with size 13 cm on July 2023 and has metastase to bones. she has taken panacur c since then and now already 2 months. her pain still going on her hip bones and legs.

  9. Candace pereira

    Does this medicine give you a lot of gas and diarrhea? I took it as described for 3 days straight and 4 days off I am still experiencing really bad stomach problems and diarrhea on their second day in of not taking it. Is this normal?

    1. fenbendazole

      Hello Candace,
      Fenbendazole is generally well tolerated, but like all drugs, it can cause side effects in some individuals. Gastrointestinal problems such as gas and diarrhea are possible side effects, although they are often under reported.
      Although not often mentioned in the main studies, some users have reported gas and diarrhea with fenbendazole. These side effects may occur as the body adapts to the drug or due to individual sensitivity.
      If gastrointestinal problems become problematic, adjusting the dose or taking the drug with food may help relieve these symptoms. In addition, hydration and a balanced diet can also help manage side effects.

  10. Aisha

    My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with mets to one adrenal gland, 2 on the spine and one in the brain. Chemo and immuno already done and he is on Keytruda once every 6 weeks. I need a proper dose for him to start off with especially because he is on Apixaban ( blood thinner also). Does fenbendazole have any drug interactions with Keytruda?

    1. fenbendazole

      Dear Aisha,
      Although Fenbendazole is generally considered safe and well-tolerated, in very rare cases, it can increase the risk of certain side effects when used with blood thinners such as Apixaban (Eliquis). To minimize potential side effects, regular blood tests are recommended to monitor blood clotting and liver function, ensuring that both drugs are not causing harmful side effects.
      Be vigilant for any unusual symptoms, such as increased bleeding, bruising, or signs of liver problems (such as jaundice or dark urine). Follow the dosing schedule for both medications exactly as directed and do not adjust doses on your own.
      Regarding the use of fenbendazole with immunotherapy such as Keytruda, it is suggested that your husband stop taking fenbendazole two days before, during the immunotherapy, and two days after taking Keytruda.

  11. Gregory Moore

    I have stage 3 melanoma skin cancer which is incurable, I am 44 and have Immunotherapy every 4 weeks. I want to start taking fenben but not sure which protocol to follow any help would be greatly appreciated and do I buy the stuff from the Fenben Lab shop?

  12. Theresa Davis

    Is there any reason to start at a lower dose when switching over from the Merck Panacur brand of Fenbendazole to the Fenbendazole sold on the Fenben Lab site? My mom was taking 2000mg Panacur-C and we’re starting her on the Fenbendazole Pure now.

    1. Fenbendazole.org

      Dear Theresa, thank you for your question. Panacur C 1000 mg = pure fenbendazole 222 mg. 2 grams of Panacur C equates to 444 mg of pure capsulated fenbendazole. If you currently take 444 mg, you will not reduce your dosage.

  13. Caroline Fish

    My husband is 74 and has t liver cancer have gone through chemotherphy, radiation, Immunotherphy and it didn’t touch the tumor in fact it grew in size a month ago they stopped so treatments and we were told nothing more they can do so he is in Hospice to die When we first found out is when he had another heart attack #8 needed bypass but found couldn’t do it because of the cancer he was high risk this was April7,2022

    1. Catherine Estep

      So your husband did not take Fenbendazole? I don’t understand your post or story. So very sorry for you and your husband.

  14. Erica W.

    In May 2021, I was diagnosed with stage IV endometrial cancer. After six months of difficult chemotherapy treatment and an additional twelve months of Maintenance chemo, I started taking fenbendazole in March 2022, increasing my dosage up to 2000 mg per day, in addition to some dietary supplements. After consulting with a few doctors, they advised me to slightly adjust my regimen and add a few more nutritional supplements. I also made a conscious effort to cultivate a positive outlook and kept myself surrounded by hope and optimism. Today, I received the best news anyone could hope for – there was no evidence of active disease!!

  15. Lora Sullivan

    In June 2022, I was diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma and I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy for 8 weeks now. Besides chemo, I’ve also been taking fenbendazole, curcumin, vitamin D & K, and CBD oil. My next PET scan is scheduled for October, and hopefully that it will show the tumors are gone or at least reduced somewhat

  16. Pauline, Paula Siler


    1. Fenbendazole.org

      Dear Paula,
      thank you for your message. You can seek the advice of a naturopath on how to take fenbendazole. Otherwise, you could carefully read the fenbendazole dosage section, then find some fenbendazole in your local shop or order it directly to your home and start the treatment. If feasible, take CBD and curcumin simultaneously with the regimen.

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